Volume 1 ( 2 ) August 2023


Digital marketing strategy and consumer purchase intention.Awuor, T., Owino, E.& Ntara, C. 139-157. A consumer behaviour framework, representing multidimensional influences. Swart, E., 158-180. Effect on supply chain integration on organisational performance of large manufacturing firms in Kenya.Kithinji, K & Mwanzia, M., 181-202. Building a Foundation for Implementing a professionalisation framework on Human Resources.Schutte, F.& Swart, E, 203-216.. The impact of customer relationship management on an organization’s performance: A case study from the Namibian cement industry. Smith, R.J, 216-239.. Business Shared Services Model as a Catalyst of Cost Reduction in East African Breweries Limited. Nyakundi,N. & Owino, E., 240-259.. [...]

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Volume 1 ( 1 ) February 2023


White or black mentors for black managers: The proof is in the pudding. De Waal, S., 4-20. A pleasure learning business with you: A case study testing a game-based framework in higher education. Govender, T., Laxton, D.M., Arnedo-Morenda, J., 21-33. Hedonism, the middle class and the experience economy. What an interesting combination! Pather, K., 34-48. Re-imagine doctorateness as curriculum and journey. Schutte, F., 49-58. A framework for effective online corporate training based on adult learning theories. Van Heerden, C., 59-82. Destination marketing organisations add value to airlines via air route development. Maseko, T. Swart, E., 83-102. [...]

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