Future X is a double-blind peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that deals with both applied and theoretical issues. It is dedicated to multi-disciplinary and multi-contextual research in social sciences, with a focus on innovation, conscious leadership, spiritual, emotional and physical intelligence, within business and management studies. Articles submitted for publication can be original research or critical studies, conference papers, opinions, case studies, poster presentations, and book reviews. It should not be under consideration in any other publication at the time of submission.

Original full-length research papers of between 6000-8000 words are welcomed. Longer articles will be considered depending on the value of the research. Shorter articles in the form of conceptual research notes or critical analysis of between 3000-4000 words will also be considered. Book reviews and poster presentations can be much shorter. Manuscripts must be submitted in Word format. Posters can be in pdf or any other publishable format.

Because of the journal’s holistic approach to society, it welcomes contributions from fields such as Behavioural Science, Business Studies, Economics, Communication Studies, Sociology, Criminology, Cross-Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Demography, Marketing, Development Studies, Education, History, Human Geography, Information Sciences, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, and Gender studies.

Special Issues devoted to important topics in social science will occasionally be published. The journal will publish 4 online editions per annum, and it will be available for free in an open access mode online.


All submitted articles are promptly and rigorously peer-reviewed and may only be accepted after the requisite double-blind peer review process as per the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) recommendations.

All submissions must be original and free from plagiarism and should not have been published anywhere else.  The journal secretary collates the two (sometimes three) reviewers’ comments into one template which is then sent back to the author/s for revision and re-submission for publication.

Our goal is to ensure a high standard of scholarship with an in-depth substantive review prior to all publication.  Our editorial staff is subject to the same rules and all reviews are anonymous with anonymous reviewers to limit bias. Overall quality and originality are assessed in terms of structure, narrative, themes, methods, and contribution to the body of knowledge.  Authors may thus be expected to effect changes and make adaptations and revisions where appropriate before the publication of any manuscript.


Future X does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. Any liability claims against the author in respect of damage caused using the information provided, including any kind of information which is incorrect or incomplete, are therefore excluded. The journal reserves the express right to supplement, publish less or additional articles in a volume, modify or delete in part or in whole sections of articles in volumes posted on this website, without prior notice.